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Encore Rehabilitation, Inc. Occupational Therapist in Athens, Alabama

Occupational Therapist Job Description/Summary PRIMARY FUNCTION The Registered Occupational Therapist's job will be to provide rehabilitation therapy to patients of all ages with temporary or chronic physical and mental disability. This will be done through purposeful activity that will include manual and creative skills, educational and recreational activities, facilitation techniques, developmental skills and various other techniques as applicable to the specific needs of the acutely and chronically ill. Treatment of patients will be to improve the patient's physical function and promote mental adjustment. PERFORMANCE REOUIREMENTS 1. Direct patient treatments. 2. Safety of the patient while he/she is in the Occupational Therapy Department. 3. Organization and proper order of the Occupational Therapy treatment area. 4. Maintaining departmental and patient records. 5. Monitoring the supplies used for extended care, physical disabilities and stress management patients. 6. Charting daily progress of patients. Physical Demands/Conditions: Bending, stooping, lifting patients and equipment when necessary. Pushing patients in wheelchairs and on stretchers. Adjusting equipment to meet the specific needs of the patient treatment. Giving resistive exercise. Physical contact with patients is sometimes necessary in treatment. Being alert and attentive to perceive reactions that patients may have to treatment. Ability to work under pressure and/or stress on occasion. Operation of electrical equipment. Special Demands: Desire to work with and for people with temporary and/or chronic mental, physical, or developmental disabilities. Knowledge of medical terminology is needed to understand patient evaluation and to chart patient progress satisfactorily. Knowledge of and experience in various arts and crafts that can be utilized by patients to build strength and promote function in upper and lower extremities as well as enhance one's self-esteem and independence. Good common sense and ability to reason are needed to organize activities and use available supplies to subordinate treatment programs. An attitude of firm kindness in dealing with patients is necessary. Must be able to hold in confidence all matters of a personal nature regarding the patient and/or his family coming to his or her knowledge and to disclose such information only when it is in the best interest of the patient. Ability to be versatile in dealing with a variety of patients and treatment programs. QUALIFICATIONS EDUCATION: The Registered Occupational Therapist has satisfactorily completed an Occupational Therapy curriculum approved by the American Occupational Therapy Association. Must be licensed or eligible for licensure by the Alabama Board of Occupational Therapy and certified by the American Board of Certification. EXPERIENCE: When educational requirements are met, no previous experience is necessary, but would be desirable. WORK PERFORMED Authority: The Registered Occupational Therapist gives treatment only on written or verbal procedures as prescribed by a medical doctor or D.O. PRIMARY DUTIES 1. Evaluate patients referred to Occupational Therapy to determine their current physical and functional status and assess their potential benefit from Occupational Therapy Services. 2. Plan Therapy Programs for: a. Individual in-patients. b. Individual out-patients. c. Extended Care Center Patients and Group. d. Stress management patients. 3. Evaluates, records, and reports patients progress for review by other members of the rehabilitation team. 4. Prepare and fit splints for functional upper and lower extremities as ordered. 5. Requisitions supplies and equipment. 6. Provides a safe Occupational Therapy Department. 7. Provides for economic use of hospital equipment and supplies. 8. Performs related duties as assigned. GENERAL SOURCE OF WORKERS: From schools of Occupational Therapy and from classified ads in professional publications. SUPERVISED BY: Clinical Director WORKERS SUPERVISED: Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, Occupational Therapy Aide, Students of Occupational Therapy, Volunteers and Attendants. Title: Occupational Therapist ID: 6877 Location: Athens, AL Department: OT Status: PRN