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SCL Health Outpatient Therapist in Denver, Colorado

You.You bring your body, mind, heart and spirit to your work as a Therapist.Your compassion is tangible: patients feel it in the hand they hold.Families feel it in your thoughts and prayers. Colleagues feel it in yoursupport.You know when to move quickly. When to sit quietly. When to laugh loudly.You know how to move fast. You know how to stay organized. You know how tohave fun.You're great at what you do, but you want to be part of something evengreater. Because you believe that while individuals can be strong, the rightteam is the Rocky Mountain region's premier provider of mental healthtreatment, foster care services, K-8 education, and trauma-informedtraining - all focused on children and their families. We also operate acommunity early learning center that consistently earns a Colorado Shinesfour-star rating. Our innovative programs help children reach their fullpotential within their homes, schools and communities.are one of the ways we encourage health for you and your family. Our generouspackage includes medical, dental and vision coverage. But health is morethan a well-working body: it encompasses body, mind and social well-being.To that end, we've launched a Healthy Living program to address yourholistic health. Healthy Living includes financial incentives, digitaltools, tobacco cessation, classes, counseling and paid time off. We alsooffer financial wellness tools and retirement planning.We.Together we'll align mission and careers, values and workplace. We'llencourage joy and take pride in our integrity.We'll laugh at each other's jokes (even the bad ones). We'll helloand high five. We'll celebrate milestones and acknowledge the value ofspirituality in healing.We're proud of what we know, which includes how much there is to learn.Your day.As a Therapist you need to know how to:Provide consistent therapy for the children and their families. This mayinclude play therapy, in-home therapy, individual psychotherapy, familytherapy, and group therapy. May refer couples to marital therapy ifindicated.Lead and coordinate treatment staffings and regularly attend team meetings tomonitor children's progress.Be responsible for written reports including monthly reports, treatment planupdates, treatment notes, discharge summaries, NMT abstracts and thecreation of brainmap metric. May be responsible for treatment plans andinitial assessments in some circumstances as well as all other requireddocumenMonitor all treatment plans for progress or regression and update plans asnecessary in compliance with agency timelines.Collaborate and consult with program staff regarding a child's treatmentacross day programs and cottages.Provide case management for the children and families on your caseload.Maintain professional communication with the Departments of Human Services andother referral sources regarding the child and family's treatment. Thisincludes collaboration and making treatment and discharge recommendations.Be responsible for discharge planning, assisting with the recommendations,and providing aftercare as appropriate.Be responsible for case review with the psychiatrist and other consultantsand/or treatment providers.Maintain current certifications (e.g. TCI, CPR, First Aid, AED,Universal Precautions) and trainings (e.g. NMT, Somatosensory).Know and implement crisis prevention/intervention techniques (i.e. TCItraining, time-out, locked door quiet room) as well as procedures(i.e. runaway, injury, emergency).Provide clinical supervision for graduate students in the mental healthfield, if able to meet the instructional criteria.Participate in programmatic and policy planning for the agency which mayinclude involvement with outside agencies or committees.Responsibly document, using agency forms, on critical incidences (e.g.therapeutic physical managements, medical incidences, state reports) andcomplete these tasks in a timely manner.Your experience.We hire people, not resumes. But we also expect excellence, which