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Prime Healthcare Respiratory Therapist - Respiratory - Per Diem - Nights in Harlingen, Texas

Under the direction and authorization of the medical director and cardiopulmonary director/manager, the RCP I is responsible for performing respiratory therapeutic and pulmonary diagnostic procedures as ordered by the physician. Emphasis will be toward the assessment, planning, implementation and documentation of care, with consideration of age and population specific needs and requirements of the patient. In the absence of a supervisor, may be assigned/identified as Lead RCP, having responsibility for the section or department during their shift.

Demonstrates accurate administration of respiratory medications; verbalizes knowledge of restrictions/precautions that apply to medication administration; recognizes generic/trade drug names.

Sets up and monitors mechanical ventilators and the associated critical care duties needed for such treatment, such as airway management and tracheal suctioning.

Consults with other healthcare providers to formulate a teaching plan based on identified learning needs of a patient and evaluates effectiveness of learning; includes patient's family in the teaching as appropriate.

Coordinates and directs patient care to ensure patients' needs are met and that hospital policy is followed. Treats patients and their families with respect and dignity.

Performs all aspects of direct patient care in an environment that optimizes patient safety.

Performs EKGs utilizing proper electrode placement, performs mechanical/tracing troubleshooting and recognizes severely abnormal results for physician notification, sends reports to physicians who requested them and files reports in department according to department procedures. (age specific)

Demonstrates competency to perform IPPB or alternative modes (EZPAP) using mouth seal & mouthpiece therapy; knowledge of indications, contraindications and hazards of therapy (age-specific).

Performs Allens test properly and indicates its purpose; performs safe sample analysis (age-specific).

Demonstrates competency to perform free-flow nebulizer therapy using mask, mouthpiece, and blow-by/mask for infants; knowledge of indications, contraindications and hazards of therapy (age-specific).

Demonstrates competency to perform metered-dose inhaler (MDI) therapy using spacer devices, proper instruction for patient use, knowledge of indications, contraindications and hazards of therapy; knowledge of drug interactions with same-drug liquid doses (age-specific), contraindications and hazards of therapy (age- specific).

Demonstrates competency to properly instruct patient on Incentive Spirometry exercises, optimizing patient under- standing and compliance to perform on own, knowledge to utilize alternative methods (EZPAP) for non-compliance or ineffective outcomes; knowledge of indications, contraindications and hazards of therapy (age-specific).

Demonstrates competency to properly administer oxygen therapy via nasal cannula, simple mask, venturi-mask, non/partial rebreather mask, high-flow and humidifier setups, Bird blenders for infant hoods, portable oxygen tank use, use of flowmeters, flowmeters with power take-off, oxygen regulators; knowledge of indications, contra- indications, hazards and optimal titration practices (age-specific).

Demonstrates competency to properly administer aerosol therapy via large volume nebulizer, instructions and education to patient and/or parents; knowledge on indications, contraindications, hazards of therapy and optimal titration practices (age-specific).

Demonstrates competency in safe and proper performance of sputum induction; knowledge of tonicity of saline used; knowledge of indications, contraindications and hazards of procedure; knowledge of proper sample handling to Clinical Laboratory and required requisitions/paperwork/documentation (age-specific).

Demonstrates competency to perform unit specific ventilator/ventilation management setup, Operation Verification Procedure (OVP) and safe and proper use; competency in ventilator weaning techniques and parameter interpretation (age- specific).

Demonstrates competency in safe and proper performance of suctioning (tracheal, nasotracheal, orotracheal); safe and proper use of suction catheters; knowledge of indications, contraindications and hazards; knowledge to Clinical Laboratory and required requisitions/paperwork/documentation (age-specific).

Demonstrates competency in airway management of endotracheal tubes, tracheostomy tubes, ETT/trach care, ETT taping/re-taping/repositioning; knowledge to identify skin integrity changes with ETT/trach tubes; knowledge of indications, contraindications and hazards of airway maintenance (age-specific).

Demonstrates competency to assist with endotracheal intubation; setup of intubation tray and supplies; verification of tube cuff competency; cricoid pressure, proper tube placement and tube securement; knowledge of indications, contraindications and hazards (age-specific).

Demonstrates competency in safe patient transfers and transports (internal, external); checks necessary equipment on crash carts, resuscitation bag, oxygen cylinder pressures.

Demonstrates competency operating department’s blood gas analyzers, knowledge on calibration, trouble- shooting, preventive maintenance and quality control analysis; knowledge of panic values and immediate notification to physician (age-specific).

Demonstrates competency to setup pulse oximeters, rapid correlation and interpretation of oximetry values, setup of all alarm parameters; troubleshooting interventions and what appropriate action to take for abnormal values (age-specific).

Demonstrates ability to recognize normal and abnormal signs of growth in the newborn to geriatric patient and the ability to act on abnormal findings (age-specific).

Follow’s hospital and departmental infection control policies and procedures.

Documents all pertinent data on the patient’s medical record following completion of any service.

Competent in performing employee and patient skin testing and measurement of skin test results. Provides accurate documentation of test results according to department procedure.

Competently assists with bronchoscopy and laryngoscopy procedures, including equipment / supply set up, patient preparation, monitoring of the patient, laboratory specimen processing, cleaning of equipment, leakage testing of scopes. Knowledgeable of radiologic concerns for fluoroscopy procedures.

Performs transcutaneous oxygen studies, including maintenance and calibration of electrodes, obtains optimum measurement of selected sites.

Attends and maintains mandatory training in safe patient handling, trained in safe lifting techniques, includes but not limited to 1. Appropriate use of lifting devices and equipment, 2. Five areas of body exposure: vertical, lateral, bariatric repositioning and ambulation 3. Use of lifting devices to handle patients safely.

Performs other duties as assigned or required.

  1. State Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP) License required

  2. Current BCLS (AHA) certificate upon hire and maintain current.

  3. 2 years’ experience as a RCP preferred.

  4. ACLS certificate within 60 days of hire and maintain current

  5. NRP certificate preferred

  6. PALS certificate within 60 days of hire and maintain current.

  7. Associate Degree or Bachelor of Science degree preferred

  8. High School Diploma or equivalent is required

We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and do not discriminate against applicants due to veteran status, disability, race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or other protected characteristics. If you need special accommodation for the application process, please contact Human Resources. EEO is the Law:

Name: Harlingen Medical Center

ID: 2021-83136

Street: 5501 South Expressway 77

Post End Date: 1/24/2022

Shift: Nights