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Job Information

Wellforce Radiation Therapist in Lowell, Massachusetts

Job Summary:

The Staff Radiation Therapist, under the supervision of the Chief Radiation Therapist and in collaboration with the Operations Director of Cancer Services, performs services in the Cancer Center according to the policies, procedures, philosophy, and objectives of the department and hospital. The Staff Radiation Therapist works cooperatively within the department and other services to create a system of quality health care. The Staff Radiation Therapist applies principles of basic radiation physics interactions and protection. Accurately delivers the prescribed planned course of radiation therapy with minimal supervision, consulting with the Senior and Chief Radiation Therapists on complicated or unusual treatment set-ups. Verifies treatment prescriptions and patient identification daily. Prepares the room and equipment for the patient according to the treatment set-up instructions. Monitors quality assurance initiatives. Observes physical and emotional progress of patient and reports signs of complications to appropriate authority. Performs simulation procedures according to physician orders and instructions.

Job Description:

  • Adhere to the department’s established standardized protocols to administer quality, safe radiation treatments with high precision and accuracy in accordance with physician’s prescription. Perform daily review of treatment prescription, image-guidance order, previous days’ image(s) and treatment course progress.

  • Perform and submit quality images during course of radiation treatments at proper intervals in accordance with physician instructions and department guidelines. Observe ALARA and Image Wisely principles to reduce radiation to patient, as appropriate. Involve the Senior and/or Chief Radiation Therapists when necessary. Manage unused images appropriately. Initiate and maintain a team communication document in ARIA for any difficult patient set-ups or rejected images. Make recommendations for IGRT order updates as the patients’ needs dictates.

  • Routinely monitor patient’s geometry to ensure continued compliance with treatment plan and dosimetric calculations. Document and verify accuracy of the recorded treatment distances in the appropriate ARIA workspaces to ensure tracking & trending of data. Monitor image alignment and notify physician when either the alignment goals or the “big picture” image indicates the patient no longer complies with planning metrics. Report changes to physics department as necessary.

  • Schedule patients to begin radiation treatments effectively, accurately and timely in accordance with physician instructions. Ensure all electronic tasks are complete or assigned and ready to commence treatment. Coordinate transportation, chemotherapy, interpreter, boost simulations, field reductions, etc., as needed.

  • Educate patients on specifics of treatment schedule and processes. Using all applicable educational handouts and the Patient Guide Book, allow for questions and encourage family participation, as appropriate.

  • Using the appropriate tools available within ARIA, perform a time out of treatment parameters before beginning any new treatment plan to verify accuracy of treatment delivery. Time out verification of patient information daily and document correct patient & treatment site, in accordance with department and hospital guidelines.

  • Routinely perform initial, ongoing and final quality assurance in a timely manner for all patients undergoing a course of radiation therapy. Correct and/or report any discrepancies to proper authorities immediately. Assign/prepare appropriate cases for Chart Rounds review in accordance with department policy. Assist the Chief Therapist with Chart Rounds as assigned.

  • Enter appropriate billing codes and ensure completeness of documentation for all procedures and devices. Adhere to physician supervision documentation through Activity Capture in ARIA.

  • Staff Therapists will rotate through the simulation assignment on a revolving basis. Maintain proficiency in all Simulation Therapist job functions and tasks. Perform quality simulations with completeness of documentation, as per physician orders and instructions. Demonstrate competency in emergency calculations and simulation procedures bi-annually (brain, lung, pelvis & spine), necessary for regular rotation and weekend on-call assignments.

  • Monitor patient-specific immobilization devices for structure and integrity. Routinely review supply levels and equipment within the console and treatment vault. Make timely requests for orders or repairs to maintain maximum efficiency of equipment.