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IHG SPA Therapist - Regent Shanghai Pudong in Shanghai, China

About us

  • Conducts a number of daily inspections to ensure cleanliness of areas under management, reporting defects and cleanliness issues to appropriate personnel

  • 每日进行数次视察,以确保自己所管区域的清洁,并向有关人员汇报存在的缺陷和清洁方面的问题。

  • Ensure cleanliness includes management of Spa Area

  • 保证清洁,包括对水疗中心区域的管理。

  • Maintain Health and Safety aspects of Spa

  • 维护水疗中心的健康与安全。

  • Ensure equipment in working order

  • 保证设备的正常运转。

  • Participate in “product knowledge days” to learn about new product and methods

  • 参与“产品知识日”活动,了解新产品和新方法。

  • Maintain market trends

  • 了解市场趋势。

  • Administer uniformity/consistency in treatments

  • 保持美容方法的统一性和一致性。

  • Sell products in line with customer needs

  • 按照客户需求对产品进行销售。

  • Keep up to date with new treatments

  • 了解最新的美容方法。

  • Learn products and ingredients

  • 了解产品和配方用料。

  • Be well presented work areas and stations and practice the “clean as you go” policy

  • 保持工作区域和工位的外观,“走到哪儿,打扫到哪儿”。

  • Clean up at end of each shift and after servicing each client

  • 在完成对客户的服务后交班时,将工作区域打扫干净。

  • Recognize opportunities to sell, add on sell, up sell

  • 确定开展销售、追加销售和提高销售的机会。

  • Apply suggestive retail selling techniques to maximize service

  • 使用推荐性零售技巧,向客人提供卓越的服务。

  • Minimize stock wastage by knowing the exact amounts for each regime

  • 通过掌握每种美容法所需的确切用量来尽量减少库存浪费。

  • Maintain stock control/levels

  • 保持库存控制水平。

  • Work in line with business needs

  • 按照业务需要进行工作。

  • Be aware of the Hotels Environmental Program and carry out duties in your day to day job tasks bearing this in mind

  • 熟悉酒店的环保计划,并将其用于日常工作中。

  • Maintain thorough knowledge of all emergency procedures

  • 具有完整的应急措施的知识。

  • Ensure the security of guests and children’s belongings

  • 确保客人和儿童的物品的安全。

  • Ensure adequate supplies of linen are maintained in the SPA and appropriately stored

  • 确保水疗中心备有布充足的布草供应并正确的存放。

Day to day

  • High School or Vocational Certificate in massage therapy or equivalent

  • 按摩理疗或相关专业的专业证书

  • 1 year related experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • 1年相关工作经历,或与此相当的教育和相关工作经验结合的背景。