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Cleveland Clinic Director Respiratory Therapy, Ambulatory Cardiopulmonary in Weston, Florida

Job ID: 138180


  • Demonstrates the ability to originate, recognize, communicate, acknowledge and access all applicable department and campus wide information necessary for the performance of all assignments and responsibilities.

  • Demonstrates the ability to access, locate, read and understand the contents of Applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). Reviews and updates SOP’s annually or when necessary.

  • Assures communication of and compliance with departmental/organizational policies and procedures as evidenced by regularly scheduled staff meetings, performance monitoring, patient care rounds, and department rounds.

  • Ensures that all applicable phases of patient care are carried out according to established protocol.

  • Develops patient care protocols based on clinical practice guidelines in collaboration with the Medical Director. Ensures the provision of clear and specific patient instructions to assure optimal patient care.

  • Periodically verifies that correct patient care procedures are performed professionally and based on objective criteria.

  • Develops standards of practice in collaboration with the Medical Director, based on knowledge of physiological/psychosocial differences in providing care to specific age groups by documentation and conducting performance improvement activities and direct observation.

  • Demonstrates the ability to assess initial and continuing competence in the use and care of equipment specific to Patient Care (Maintenance, Troubleshooting etc.).

  • Participates in any necessary equipment verification and validation.

  • Demonstrates the ability to take remedial and corrective action beyond the scope of subordinates.

  • Ensures that all aspects of Quality Control are applied prior to sample testing and result reporting. Promotes adherence to all policies governing result reporting mechanisms (fax, phone, HIS, LIS) and recognizes established and requested priorities to ensure prompt delivery of results.

  • Provides precise and accurate equipment information to all employees to assist in facilitating repairs beyond the scope of the facility.

  • Directly participates in activities that contribute to overall individual and/or department performance.

  • Prepares and participates in the processes relating to (individual, department and facility) Regulatory agencies Accreditation and Certification.

  • Provides strategic direction for the service.

  • Plans, organizes develops and implements new programs.

  • Completes budget planning, including the forecasting of equipment, supplies and personnel requirements.

  • Analyzes and justifies budget variances based on department statistics. Identifies and prioritizes capital budget purchases.

  • Develops, implements, and evaluates departmental quality improvement initiatives.

  • Provides supervision of the Respiratory Care coordinators to assure that necessary direction and staff support are provided.

  • Plans and develops programs with respect to departmental orientation, continuing education and in-service.

  • Assures hospital risk management and loss prevention standards are met. Participates in the accession of internal and external Management of Information.

  • Demonstrates knowledge of all the commonly used functions of HIS and LIS systems commensurate with responsibilities.

  • Demonstrates competence in all computer-related functions including instrument specific systems and applicable personal computers (PC's); Demonstrates respect and preserves information confidentiality and security.

  • Correctly documents all phases of information exchange.

  • Maintains statistical records on department operations, procedures performed and man hours rendered to track productivity and assist with evaluation of existing and new programs.

  • Practices and ensures work habits which reflect adherence to all applicable Federal, State and Regulatory Agency Safety standards.

  • Demonstrates knowledge of and access to all Hospital and Departmental SOP's on Safety.

  • Ensures that an Orderly and Safe spatial environment is maintained. Ensures the maintenance and supervision of all equipment used in routine and emergency patient care.

  • Maintains the correct handling and disposal of hazardous materials.

  • Reports and investigates all incidents involving patient, personnel or visitor injury in area of supervision.

  • Provides documentation periodically to evidence that the Departments Safety policies are distributed, practiced and enforced.

  • Provides an annual evaluation of the objectives, scope, performance and effectiveness of the documented safety management plan.

  • Demonstrates the ability to recognize problems during changing and emergency situations and the ability to choose an appropriate course of action.

  • Demonstrates the ability to make correct decisions and use good judgment in handling new situations not covered by verbal or written instructions.

  • Demonstrates willingness to act as a "Team Player" and works collaboratively with other departments to establish or support the development of new clinical programs.

  • Accepts responsibilities for making decisions. Effectively supervises personnel.

  • Makes assignments and delegates commensurate authority to others in his/her area of responsibility. Handles personnel issues judiciously and ensures that decisions are based on adequate and appropriate data.

  • Supports departmental and/or organizational change as evidenced by ability to re-prioritize goals, objectives and activities. Complies with all policies and procedures that pertain to HIPAA including the minimum necessary requirements for this job position.

  • As part of the requirements for this position, the employee has access to the entire medical record for the purpose of providing direct/indirect care to the patients in the Special Diagnostics Department.

  • In addition, the employee will limit the patient health information disclosed or requested to the amount reasonable necessary to achieve the purpose of the request. The disclosures or requests that occur on a routine or recurring basis include: Blood gas results and treatment updates.

  • The employees make these disclosures for the purpose of patient treatment.

  • Criteria established to limit the PHI disclosures/requests to that which is reasonably necessary includes: Communicating only the PHI that is required by law, upon request and for the correct/intended purpose of providing patient care.

  • Demonstrates the ability to adapt to varied age-specific patient populations: CLINICAL - (ADULT - 18-65 years). Modifies the interview techniques, identifies psychosocial, physical and educational needs common to the adult patient.

  • Recognizes patients' needs to assert independence and reluctance to express dependency needs and anxiety about hospitalization.

  • (GERIATRIC 65 years and older): Identifies increased physician/emotional dependency needs and availability of support networks. Identifies increased sensitivity to climate changes.

  • Assesses potential for increased educational needs due to compromised abilities to comply with instructions.

  • Explains in easily understood terms all aspects with regard to releases/consent.

  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Bachelor's Degree required.

  • Skills in cardiopulmonary diagnostics preferred.


  • Licensed as a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) in the state of Florida. Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) provider cards.

  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) provider preferred.

  • Instructor certification in any life support category preferred but not required.

Complexity of Work:

  • All employees are expected to meet the standards of performance outlined in the Organizational-Wide Competencies listed below as applied to the position: World Class Service Orientation: Includes attitude, behavior, interpersonal skill, and problem solving that enable an employee to respond to internal and external customer needs and expectations in a positive manner.

  • Adaptability: Includes teamwork and flexibility needed to fulfill job responsibilities including adapting to changes in work environment and accepting supervisory feedback.

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: Includes quantity and quality of desired work, as well as organization skills necessary to perform successfully.

  • Essential Job Requirements: Includes adherence to all relevant policies, procedures, and guidelines affecting the work environment, including maintenance of required competencies and communication skills.

  • Managerial Responsibilities: Includes overall accountability for assigned work group relative to operational goals, personnel requirements, and budgetary constraints.

  • Note: The above stated duties are intended to outline those functions typically performed by individuals assigned to this classification.

  • This description of duties is not intended to be all inclusive nor to limit the discretionary authority of supervisors to assign other tasks of similar nature or level of responsibility.

Work Experience:

  • Five years of supervision and management experience.

Physical Requirements:

  • Requires frequent walking from department to department: requires sitting at a workstation or desk; requires standing; work may include occasional pushing and/or pulling, lifting, and carrying objects weighing up to 20 lb., such as files, documents and computer printouts.

  • Work requires finger dexterity and eye hand coordination to operate a computer keyboard at a moderate skill level.

  • Ability to work at a fast pace and to prioritize multiple assignments/projects and respond to numerous requests; ability to resolve conflicts among staff and to work collaboratively with department director, physicians and other members of the Healthcare team; ability to ensure operational efficiency; ability to problem solve and make decisions; ability to exercise self-control and tolerate stress when dealing with multiple requests and/or conflicting demands from multiple customers.

  • Needs minimal sustained direction in assessing needs, directing staff and carrying out departmental and professional responsibilities; self-starting and self-motivating; working hours may exceed eight hours per day and is based on what is needed to accomplish work at hand.

Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Follows Standard Precautions using personal protective equipment as required for procedures.

Cleveland Clinic is pleased to be an equal employment/affirmative action employer: Women/Minorities/Veterans/Individuals with Disabilities.